Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Filipinos feel their lives are worse now than 3 years ago, survey says

MANILA (AP) 04/12 8:10:27 PM - The number of Filipinos who feel they are worse off now than they were three years ago is rising, despite the government's claims that the economy has improved, a survey showed Thursday.

The April 3-5 survey by independent pollster Pulse Asia showed 54 percent of respondents claimed they are worse off now than they were three years ago, up from 46 percent in April 2004.

"It appears that the reported gains from the economic reforms put in place by the Arroyo administration are not yet being felt by most Filipinos," Pulse Asia said.

Only 11 percent of the 1,800 adults surveyed said their quality of life is better, down from 16 percent three years ago. The number of people who felt the quality of their lives remained the same from three years ago also slid to 35 percent from 38 percent in 2004, Pulse Asia said. The survey, which comes ahead of May's midterm elections, had a 2.3 percentage points error margin.