Saturday, June 04, 2005

Forum for Family Planning and Development

From: GMA’s lowest rating: A wakeup call - BABE'S EYE VIEW By Babe Romualdez - The Philippine Star 06/05/2005

But our real problem lies in the fact that we have the worst fiscal situation ever since time immemorial because of the large government debt that as of February this year has already hit P4.08 trillion, a population that’s growing by leaps and bounds that could reach 160 million by 2030. As a matter of fact, at the Forum for Family Planning and Development which I attended the other day, it was disclosed that 11 million Filipinos are confirmed to be going hungry, 18 million are undernourished, and 25.4 million or about one third of the population live in extreme poverty and subsist on P34 per day.